Caitlyn Cano

Author: Staff

Caitlyn Cano

Caitlyn Cano is a 2020 Summer intern from the University of Notre Dame.  She is a sophomore studying Computer Science with minors in International Development Studies and Theology.  Caitlyn is from Houston TX.

What was the most challenging aspect of the CCI Internship Program?

The virtual nature of my internship experience made bonding with other interns more difficult, but it gave me an opportunity to get creative in how I get to know people. We had to work through some awkwardness and eventually arrived at a really unique community!

What was the most rewarding experience in the program?

I loved getting to talk to social service providers with the CARE Network project. My major typically funnels me into very technical work, so the work gave me an opportunity to be a part of people-oriented science. Hearing about the incredible work they do for our community was empowering, and even from afar made me feel like I was a part of the South Bend community.

How did your experience in the program enhance your academic and professional goals?

The biggest skill I acquired was design thinking— our mentors, Professors Ann-Marie Conrado and Ron Metoyer, encouraged us to truly listen to what we heard in interviews and respond with creativity. It's helped me be imaginative in how I solve problems. I learned to be unafraid to share my craziest ideas because they could be turned into amazing things! These skills have proved useful as interview points as well, and helped me realize I wanted to be client-facing in my work (whatever path I decide to follow)!