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As demand grows for a workforce educated in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), attraction and retention of students in public schools interested in STEM fields is imperative. To help meet this demand, the Center for Civic Innovation and DeBartolo Performing Arts Center is integrating the arts with STEM (STEAM) in its STEM+Music and visual arts programs.

The Department of Education has endorsed the importance of STEAM for students in public schools, and across the United States schools are embracing STEAM academies. CCI partners with Elkhart Community Schools’ Roosevelt STEAM Academy and South Bend Community Schools’ Madison STEAM Academy, two regional examples of this national trend. CCI also partners with Pierre Moran Middle School to develop STEAM curriculum for use in K-12 classrooms.

In support of STEAM education, the Center for Civic Innovation is working with community partners in developing highly innovative programs that advance students’ knowledge and skills in STEM disciplines. Through support of these programs, the center contributes to new approaches to workforce development in partnership with local public schools.

Related Projects

  • Together Irish

    Together Irish is driven by the vision of harnessing the collective power of student-athletes to enrich the lives of residents in South Bend. This summer, a team of interns, who are themselves student athletes, created a STEM-based curriculum, forged meaningful partnerships with three local elementary schools, and organized a special event that will unite the young members of our community. Through these endeavors, the project aims to inspire, uplift, and create lasting memories that will resonate with both the children and the interns themselves for years to come.

Partner Organizations

  • Third Coast Percussion
  • Elkhart Community Schools
  • South Bend Community School Corporation
  • STEM Education Insights

Related Faculty

  • Dr. Jay Brockman